Useful Tips for Moving with Pets to or from Calgary AB

Moving with pets to or from Calgary, AB can disturb your moving plans, as you can imagine. While we all become consumed with the usual chores of wrapping and packing our belongings, and organizing a workable moving schedule, a similar level of preparation is needed to move a pet from […]

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Helpful Moving Hacks for moving to or from Calgary AB

20 Moving Hacks - Movers Calgary

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences. No matter how many times you’ve moved before, there’s a couple things you’ll always need: a good, reputable Calgary moving company and as much help and advice as you can get. We prepared some helpful moving hacks that really work and […]

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Options for Moving Your Car for a Long Distance Move from Calgary AB

Viktoria Professional Movers Calgary - Car Moving Services Calgary

If you were moving locally in Calgary, AB, moving your car wouldn’t be an issue. But when it comes to long distance moving across Canada, the situation is different. While a local or short distance move in Calgary, AB presents a no-brainer ‘drive-it-yourself’ solution, a move that takes you hundreds […]

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Tips for Downsizing from a House to a Condo in Calgary AB

Thinking about moving from a house to a condo in Calgary, AB or any other city in Canada? Even after adding up all the condo fees, you’ll probably come out ahead financially due to savings on utilities, property taxes and other maintenance costs. Here are some tips to consider to […]

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Tips for Preparing a Plan for Long Distance Moving in Canada

Calgary Moving Company - Long Distance Moving Plan Canada

When moving between Canadian provinces, some factors come into play that don’t feature when moving between neighbourhoods within one city. The importance of preparing in advance is even more obvious when moving long distance to or from Calgary, AB or elsewhere in Canada. Other than packing your belongings, some issues may come […]

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Tips for Colour Coding for Residential Moving in Calgary, AB

Planning for a residential move in Calgary, AB or elsewhere in Canada can be challenging because there is a lot involved: wrapping, packing and moving, and then almost just as much to do when reaching your new home. And one of the ways to help things move more smoothly […]

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