Calgary Moving Tips: How to Move Musical Instruments Safely

Tips for Moving Musical Instruments - Movers Calgary

Every instrument is quite different in size, shape, material and handling, and it can be difficult to provide specific guidance when each instrument requires its own set of guidelines for moving safely.

But in this blog post we will provide some general tips and best practices to help you move your instruments without damaging them, when moving to or from Calgary, AB or across Canada.

Pack Your Instruments In Proper Boxes

This might seem obvious, but proper boxes are the greatest resource you have in protecting your instruments.

If you kept the original boxes your instrument came in, then this will go a long way in making sure they are packed and secured safely for the big move. If you no longer have your original boxes, try asking at your local instrument stores – you may be able to purchase boxes from there (and if you’re lucky, they might just give them to you for free!).

In some cases, especially for percussion instruments, it might be worth investing in some properly sized hard cases, to transport your instruments without damage.

Use an Appropriate Amount of Padding

Add as much padding as possible around the edges of your instrument, as it will prevent any scratches or dents should they accidentally get moved around during the process.

Put an emphasis on the sharper edges or corners of your instrument, as this is where breakage usually occurs during the moving process. Instruments are almost always hollow in parts, so there are often spaces where you can stuff more padding (you can use clothes, pillowcases or any other soft material).

During and After Moving Your Instruments 

If you are transporting your instruments by airlines, make sure to contact the airline company first and find out about their services for moving instruments. Some airlines are more accommodating than others, but be prepared to pay extra to bring your instruments in your carry-on luggage.

If you are flying with a stringed instrument, make sure that all of the strings are loosened before flight, as changes in temperature and air pressure can tighten the strings and cause the ‘headstock’ of stringed instruments to occasionally break off because of tightness. When you arrive at your destination with your instrument, try to refrain from playing it for 24 hours, to let it acclimatize to the new atmosphere and temperature of your new home.

As Always, Planning Is Key!

Research Calgary moving companies and their policies for moving instruments, as some Calgary movers might offer specific services that cater to moving instruments.

Planning to move your musical instrument can be stressful, but will help you become aware of the necessary protocol.


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